R&D methodology and principles

Sanhome dedicates to be ‘innovative valuable pharmaceutical enterprise’, insists to base on research and be oriented by sales, and is guided by the company’s general strategy of that ‘R&D drives value creation and sales drives value transformation’, which is so called ‘double driving’ strategy. R&D is the core of Sanhome’s future sustainable development and the crucial part to support the company’s future leaping development. The R&D centre insists on the research strategy of ‘innovation first within the development of generic drugs’, pays attentions on the innovation to products and technologies, and gradually promotes the level of innovative drugs and the technology contents in generic drugs. In terms of the pharmaceutical R&D scale, the centre is gradually establishing framework of ‘mainly focusing on big variety, co-existence of multiple varieties and development in echelon’. Therefore, the R&D centre is aiming to develop safer and more effective drugs with good market prospect.